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NutriGreen Prostate Care Formula contains the extracts of natural herbs including Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto, Alisma, Salvia and Cyathula. This formula helps maintain prostate health and facilitate blood circulation, etc. Recent researches show that Pygeum Africanum and Saw Palmetto extracts can help maintain men’s body function and rejuvenate vigor.

Functions of NutriGreen“Prostate Care” Formula

  • Helps improve men's health problem and meliorate body function
  • Improves sleeping quality caused by bedtime disturbance
  • Enhances blood circulation
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As we age, many men over forty will often encounter men's prostatic problems, affecting daily life and quality of sleep at night. But most men are embarrassed and do not want to talk about the problems. They would rather buy health products to nourish the kidney and think that it would solve the problems. In fact, it may delay the problem or even worsen the problems. According to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority's clinical statistics show that 50% of men aged 51-60 encounter prostatic problem. 70% of 70-year-old men, and 90% of 80-years-old men encounter the problem. Therefore, the maintenance of men's healthy tissue is absolutely important.
Besides age, living style and eating habits will affect the health of men's tissues too, such as obesity, psychological stress, depression, alcoholism, smoking, drugs and personal hygiene, and so on. If there was no appropriate follow-up or treatment, it may worsen the situation, or even cause a variety of side effects.
Functions of "NutriGreen" Prostate Care Formula
Function 1 Helps maintain prostatic health
Pygeum extract is a natural wild herb, effectively inhibit the proliferation of men's tissue and maintain the men's tissue healthy. A double-blind test confirmed that those taking Pygeum than those taking a placebo, more than twice as high as the overall improvement in symptoms. The remaining fluid is reduced by 24% and the speed of fluid increased by 23%. This showed that the ingredients effectively improve men's health.
Function 2 Reduces disturbance of sleeping at night
Excessive chemicals, DHT, will lead to excessive growth of men's tissue. Saw palmetto has been proven to inhibit the secretion of chemical substances D. A number of national studies have confirmed saw palmetto benefits to the men's tissue. A clinical study in Germany showed that daily doses of 320 mg of saw palmetto extract can induce 73% reduction of sleep interuption at night and the speed of fluid also improved significantly. Therefore, men should intake saw palmetto can maintain the health of men's tissue significantly.
Function 3 Helps remove damp and improve protection
Research shows that Alismataceae contains a lot of potassium salt, effectively helps to excrete more water and reduce the pressure of the bladder. Cyathula and Salvia are natural ingredients, can improve blood circulation, remove damp, relieve heat, and reduce the burning sensation.
"NutriGreen" Prostate Care Formula is suitable for the following persons
Concern about men's health
Often been interrupted sleeping at night
Lethargy, easily fatigue

Direction2 capsules each time, once a day.

Package60 capsules of 400mg per capsule.

CautionThe natural ingredients in this product have color variations but will not affect the quality of the product.

*A double-blind tests confirmed that those taking Pygeum than those taking a placebo, more than twice as high as the overall function improvement in symptoms: reduction of the remaining urea by 24%, speed of urination increased by 23%.
In a clinical study in Germany showed that daily doses of 320 mg of saw palmetto extract, reduced interruption of sleep at night by 73%.

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