DHC Natural Vitamin E ( Soya ) 60 Days

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Product Description:

  • High quality of vitamin E


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Product Description:

DHC "vitamin E" is the highest activity of vitamin E natural d-alpha-tocopherol, one day per 301.5 mg. Rustling comes to mind, chill and Koli come to mind, tend to lack the Green and yellow vegetables, like middle-old age to spend on health on recommended supplements.
Is was called General rejuvenation vitamins vitamin e, as well as cosmetic measures and mushy benefit measures and measures against cold. On a diet because many contained pumpkin, nuts, oils and fats, calories will care is especially scarce component. It is recommended that supplement health and youthful body for easy.

Major Raw Materials:

Vitamin E containing vegetable oil, gelatin, glycerin

suggested uasage:

1 grain estimated in cold or lukewarm water served.
* Food supplements, so basically any snack; Served after a meal and digestion and absorption easier and. Recommended timing is what the guide in the above description.
* Prescription drugs or hospital who, pregnant, consult a doctor on a breakfast supplement.

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