DHC Chitosan 20 Days

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Product Description:

  • Chitosan of natural dietary fibers
  • daily health
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Product Description:

"DHC Chitosan 60 grain 20 minutes ', is a supplement containing Chitosan of natural dietary fibers. Further plus ginseng and rice germ. Please take note to the daily health. Tablet type.
To-really fat and salt! Is recommended to eat more ramen, fried foods, meat dishes.
-Animal dietary fiber derived from chitin in crab shells, with ginseng and rice germ 

In the [people] 
-Oil of newfangled diet 
-Style comes to mind 

Chitosan [and] 
Chitosan is a primary raw material, made of crab shell animal fiber. "20Th century last and greatest gift from heaven ' and is the ingredient that is said. Chitosan offers stuff crab shells, so please refrain intake could cause allergic symptoms in crab and shrimp.

[Korean ginseng and] 
Ginseng is a plant in the Araliaceae. Known as Panax ginseng, Panax ginseng c.a. Meyer. Highlights root which is divided into the fork or crotch. Because its shape is similar to the person named 'carrots'.

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-Content amount:15.9 g (grain weight grain 265 mg x 60) 
                             Approximately 20 minutes 

-Raw materials:

  • Koryo Ginseng extract powder 
  • Rice germ 
  • Reduction maltose starch syrup 
  • Chitosan (derived from crab) 
  • Cellulose 
  • Glycerin fatty acid ester 
  • Stearic acid Ca
Suggested usage: 1 Day 3 grain to the cold in cold or lukewarm water untouched breakfast

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