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    Cleans between all the teeth in 60 seconds
    360°rotating nozzle reaches all areas of mouth

    3 cleansing modes:
    Normal - for removing particles of food trapped between teeth;
    Pulse – for deeper penetration, removing plaque causing bacteria, massaging gums and rinsing between teeth and gums;
    Soft - for sensitive gums

    Can be used with your favourite mouthwash
    Rechargeable - runs for 3 weeks on a single charge
    High capacity, easy-fill reservoir
    IPX7 - Water proof

  3. HK$631.00

    Innisfree Coffee Gift Set

    ‧ Purifying Body Scrub 200g

    ‧ Purifying Lip Scrub 15ml

    ‧ Purifying Body Wash 400ml

    ‧ Purifying Jelly Mask 80ml

  4. HK$1,998.00

    GENIUS G10000 Electric Toothbrush Rose Gold

  5. HK$4,280.00

    Full-scale multi-functional facial treatment device that can treat up to the eye muscles with eye lift RF technology and double wave EMS
    Same function as Photo Plus Lavender but with warming eyecaremode and different color
    Made in Japan
    Modes: Clean, Moisture, EMS Up, RF LED, Cool and warming eye care
    Warrenty: 1 year

  6. HK$1,657.00

    2019 Green Holiday Set

    ‧ Green Tea Seed Serum

    ‧ Music Notes Scented Candle

    ‧ Mood Up Party Pallet Holiday Limited Edition

    ‧ Perfumed Hand Cream Set Holiday Limited Edition

    ‧ Sparkling Glitter Tint #1, #2


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