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    6.5-inch Infinity-V Display of Galaxy A12, HD content looks sharp, crisp and clear. Samsung Knox offering multi-layered security, it defends your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats.

    abc MOBILE Local Data SIM Card

    - Local data 90-day 

    - Local data speed up to 42Mbps

    - Expired date 29/02/2024

  2. Special Price HK$26.00 Regular Price HK$138.00

    *免登記 即插即用
    *即插即用 免登記 免開通

    ***最後啟用日期為 31/10/2019

    Out of stock
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    - Enjoy 4G+ Local data speeds of up to 112, high-speed anywhere on networks.

    - Supports VoLTE or ViLTE; faster connections, higher quality calls.



    - When your Local Data entitlement has been consumed, Data Service will be barred automatically.

    - Supports IDD & Roaming Service features.

    - Free Caller's Line Identification Service.

    - Free Missed Call Alert Service (To register, simply dial #169*1# or call 6601 1033).

    - 180 days of usage period.


    Expiry Date: 2021/6/30


3 Items

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