3HK x HKWalker South Korea SK Telecom 8 days 4G LTE Roaming Unlimited Data Card SIM (Last Activation Date: 31/12/2020)

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Product introduction
4G LTE South Korea 8 days unlimited access data card
No registration is required
Links to major social networking platforms and Hong Kong websites
The new three-in-one SIM card is available for any Internet device/smartphone
Drop speed after fair use of 5GB
The last enabled date is 2020/12/31

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Product features and specifications

- Valid until 31/12/2020.
- Telecommunications provider: SK Telecom
- Size: Nano sim (with nano sim / micro sim switch)

- All Korea General
-6 days validity

Support 4G LTE and 3G spectrum
4G (LTE): B1 (2100), B3 (1800 +), B5 (850)
3.5G (UMTS / HSPA+): B1 (2100)
3G (CDMA): BC0 (800)

- Network speed theoretical value: download speed can be as high as 150Mbps (actual connection speed will be affected by different factors)
- for iPhone, most Android smartphones, and tablets that support sim cards
- Support for using smartphone, tablet, Wifi egg sharing data (Tethering)
- No need to sign, no deposit, no need to return, easy to use
-Support chat App (WhatsApp / Line / WeChat, etc.)
-Support VoIP (Skype / Line / Viber, etc.)
-Support for Google Maps navigation
-Support the Internet / Send and receive mail (Youtube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
- Support for major mobile phone brands such as iPhone / Samsung / SONY / LG
-Sim card or some HTC, Xiaomi and Blackberry series phones are not supported. Please check with merchants for details.
-Support smart phone and tablet smart device network sharing function
(Note for Apple product users: use IOS system [any version], or fail to use sharing function)
- Voice calls are not supported / SMS
-The above pictures are for reference only

Validity calculation method (only for this network card):

1. Although the date of the expiration date is opened, the number of days mentioned on the card can also be used.
For example: Japan 4th card, the due date is 31/12/2017, if opened on 31/12/2017, the network card can be used up to 04/01/2018

2. This network card is a 24-hour clock.
For example: Japan 4th card, opened at 10pm on January 1st, can be used at 10pm on January 5th, before and after 96 (ie 24*4) hours

- After arriving in Korea, insert the stored value card to the applicable smartphone to boot up to use the preset data roaming daily plan
- The system will send out a short message indicating the stored value card phone number, the stored value, and enable the data roaming day plan to confirm the SMS. Account inquiry: Press ##107# to check the balance and phone number
- If you have not successfully used data roaming, please try: restart the phone / enable "mobile data" and "digital roaming" service / confirm APN settings are correct and have selected the network / off "flight mode"
- Applicable to designated regions and network providers. For details, please visit: www.three.com.hk/prepaid

All content is subject to Future Power Int’l Ltd. For detailed service terms, please refer to the inside page of the card or call the service hotline at 852-81991000.

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