Kose Sekkisei Medicated Travel Set (Extremely Moisturizing)

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Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Lotion Enriched Toner  (360ml)
Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Enriched Emulsion (140ml)
Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Lotion Toner (33ml)
Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Emulsion (33ml)
Kose SEKKISEI White CC Cream SPF50+ (#1, #2) (0.5ml X2)
Kose SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel N 25g x 1

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Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Lotion Enriched Toner  (360ml)
Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Enriched Emulsion (140ml)
Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Lotion Toner (33ml)
Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Emulsion (33ml)
Kose SEKKISEI White CC Cream SPF50+ (#1, #2) (0.5ml X2)

Kose SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel N 25g x 1

1. Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Lotion Enriched Toner  

Through the power of Han plant,
A new moisturizing whitening medicated lotion that nourishes white skin.

- With high moisturizing effect of Mai Mendong extract and Tianren flower extract, it is highly moisturizing and enhances transparency.
- Combine two oleic acid inducers to improve the penetration.
- Balances skin moisture and prevents dullness and sun damage caused by dryness.
- Suitable for face, neck and body.

2. Kose SEKKISEI Excellent Enriched Emulsion

Rich and elastic, it has a rich moisturizing sensation.
A medicinal whitening lotion that creates long-lasting smoothness.

- It is slippery and easy to stretch.
- "High moisturizing" and "not sticky".
- It is combined with the high moisturizing effect of Mai Mendong extract and Tianrenhua extract to moisturize the skin and enhance the translucent feeling.
- With three kinds of lubricating ingredients, it has a strong moisturizing touch and effectively softens the bottom of the skin, leaving the skin moisturized and not sticky.

3. Kose SEKKISEI White CC Cream SPF50+ (#1, #2) (0.5ml X2)

Moisturizing fake fake nude makeup, whitening herbal CC cream

※CC is an abbreviation for Complete (complete) and Clarity (transparent).

- Containing the moisturizing ingredients of Sekkisei, while maintaining and concealing the troubled skin, after a lotion, you can easily complete the natural translucent "pseudo-nude nude makeup" with one bottle.
- "Beauty Liquid", "Lotion", "Nutrition Cream", "Sunscreen Lotion", "Basic Milk" and "Foundation" 6 effects.
- 5 effect to achieve a sense of transparency
① Moisturizing: Add carefully selected herbal extracts to give your skin a moisturizing day to prevent rough skin and makeup caused by dryness.
② Smoothing: Adding "White Snow Moisturizing Essence" is an oil that locks in water and adheres to the skin, replenishes the skin with moisture and prevents moisture from evaporating and roughening.
③ Protection: SPF50+/PA++++ blocks skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.
④ Cover: Add "white snow crystal powder", which gives off a soft and lustrous excellent soft focus effect, naturally covering pores and uneven skin tone, and at the same time achieving "concealing power" and "pseudo-nude nude makeup", even if combined with sebum It is also not easy to dull, and it continues to beautiful skin tone.
⑤ Lasting: Add "Amino Acid Covering Powder", which has high tightness and can enhance the makeup effect. In addition, it evenly coats the skin, making the makeup film light and thin, and maintaining the translucent skin for a long time.
- A zero-burden hydration and comfortable skin touch.
- No mineral oil.
- Applicable throughout the year.
- It has the gentle and refreshing scent of "Snow Muscle".
※Darkness caused by drying.

4. Kose SEKKISEI Sun Protect Essence Gel N 25g 

Protects the transparent skin and maintains a zero burden on the skin
Watery sunscreen lotion with lotion effect

- Instantly penetrates and refreshes the touch. Prevents spots, dullness, etc. caused by ultraviolet rays
- Skin damage, enhances skin's translucency, and has a lotion-like sunscreen gel.
- Japan's highest sun protection degree SPF50+/PA++++, the texture is refreshing. Prevented by ultraviolet A
(Let the skin lose its elasticity) and UV B (inflammation such as redness or acne due to sun exposure)
- Caused by photoaging, preventing spots and freckles.
- A film is formed by blending a smooth gel. After applying, the skin will not be sticky.
- And it continues to moisturize throughout the day. Anti-UV component and smooth coagulation after microencapsulation
- A gel-like ingredient that gives the lotion a smooth touch and leaves the skin feeling refreshed all day long.
Moisturizing feeling.
- Chinese and Japanese plant extracts prevent UV rays from causing damage to the skin and enhance skin clarity.
- With the mineral ingredients of China and Japan, care for the skin. Different from general sunscreen, snow muscle essence sunscreen
- The dew is not sticky, easy to soak and scent. After use, it is like moisturizing after being skin care.
- Fruit hugs, quick and tender skin.
- It can adjust the smoothness of the skin and enhance the foundation.
- Wash with a cleansing product or shower gel to leave the skin with zero burden.
- Suitable for face and body.

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