Skyyer - 09 Phuket + Patong Old Town Island Tour travel book (2016-2017)

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Phuket + Patong Old Town Island Tour travel book

16 - 17 version

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Phuket, known as "Thai Pearl," is the largest island in Thailand. Surrounded by beautiful seas, Phuket is always a tropical resort! Leisurely enjoy the sunshine and beaches of Coral Island and Emperor Island, you can also play all sorts of exciting water activities in Patong Beach such as banana boat, water parachute and underwater walking, etc., would like to dig deeper into the snorkelling and diving experience, kiss Zero contact with the sea without difficulty!
Of course, the resort is not limited to the beach. In recent years, the old town in the inner city of Phuket has been actively developing. Thalang Road is full of colonialism. The old buildings with Chinese and Western elements are the new favorite. Cafés and shops such as BOOKHEMIAN and Tu Kab Khao Stationed, literary atmosphere of the eruption, is popular outside the popular Po new point of the beach, so that Phuket become a good place for action!

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