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NutriGreen Premium Maitake OPC Plus is a scientific researched product developed from modern technology.  Maitake (Grifola Frondosa), well known as “the king of mushroom”, is a precious natural species.  Maitake possesses high nutritional value and helps in regulating metabolism.  Pinus Pinaster is a natural plant extract that contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPC).  Its powerful antioxidant capabilities help protect cells from free-radical damage and maintain cell vitality to slow down aging process.

 Functions of NutriGreen Premium Maitake OPC Plus

  • Regulates Metabolism
  • Improves sleeping quality
  • Natural antioxidant capacities to mop up free-radical damage
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After 25-year-old, the body starts to get worsen
Many medical studies have indicated that the functions of the body is the best wtihin 20-25 years old. After 25 years old, the body's metabolism slows down. Therefore, with increasing age, the human cells and tissues wil get aging. Working pressure, eating processed foods, lack of exercise and rest and other factors also accelerate cell oxidation, resulting in diseases, shortening the life span of human cells and aging.
Oxidation = aging
Aging is due to excessive oxidation of our body. Contact with the solar radiation and fried food will accelerate oxidation and thus aging. The amount of natural antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are generally high, but the modern diet lacks fruits and vegetables. Taking health care products can help to solve this problem.
Powerful antioxidant against 7 aging symptoms
"NutriGreen" Premium Maitake OPC Plus is manufactured by modern scientific technology. With powerful antioxidants, the formula helps to improve physical function to fight against the seven signs of aging:
1. Fatigue
2. Muscle aches
3. Bad sleep quality
4. Bad memory
5. Slowed metabolism
6. Shortness of breath
7. Dull complexion
Functions of "NutriGreen" Premium Maitake OPC Plus
Function 1 Balances body function and enhances the metabolism
Aging slows down the body metabolism. The energy and physique also will be reduced. "NutriGreen" Premium Maitake OPC Plus is just like helping us to do activities, to promote metabolism and balance body function. Clinically proven by the medical professions, maitake's unique D- fraction contains glucan polysaccharides, which can initiate and activate cell vitality, enhance metabolism, balance body function.
Function 2 Natural antioxidant against aging
The antioxiding function of OPC is stronger than vitamin C and vitamin E by 20 times and 50 times respectively. OPC plays an important role in prevention of oxidation and aging.
Function 3: Relaxing and improves sleeping quality
According to "Chinese medicinal fungi", maitake tastes sweet in nature, can replenish spleen's Qi. Maitake dextran is not only regulates the body's organs and cells, but also improves sleeping quality, reduces insomnia and improves long-term exhaustion. OPC is an antioxidant. "NutriGreen" Premium Maitake OPC Plus can help balance the emotions, calm and relaxing, improve sleep quality, regulate physical and mental conditions, make you easy to fall asleep.
"NutriGreen" Premium Maitake OPC Plus is suitable for the following persons
Fast pace of life, causing physical disorders
Focus on functional conditioning, keep youth
Dining out, seldom eat fruit and vegetables
Less exercise
Direction2 capsules daily, once a day.
Package60 capsules of 500mg per capsule
1. The natural ingredients in this product have color variations but will not affect the quality of the product.
2. Pregnant women and children under 2 years of age should consult a physician before use.
*OPC is added to strengthen the antixoidating power, which equals to 675 grapes, 40 oranges or 90 lemons.
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