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Dermatologists found that “Free Radicals” inside the human body are the main cause of skin problems. “Free Radicals” destruct the skin’s collagen, resulting in loss of skin elasticity and increase in melanin, causing skin dehydration, dull complexion, spots, wrinkle, etc. To improve skin quality, dermatologists found a new skincare concept – “Skincare In & Out”. “In-take” health supplement coincide with using effective skincare product “externally” contribute to perfect skin. NutriGreen “Anti-Aging” Formula, which is researched by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, helps suppress “Free Radicals” with only 2 capsules daily.

 Functions of NutriGreen “Anti-Aging” Formula:

  • Improves skin's elasticity  
  • Restore complexion's brightness and radiance  
  •  Enhances skin moisture and improve smoothness 
  • Improves sleep quality and regains eyes' resilience

Efficiency progress:
3 weeks: Improved sleep quality 
1 month: Nourished and moisturized the skin 
3 months: Overall skin quality improved 
6 months: Overall skin quality further improved, especially for the skin’s elasticity

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Reason of Aging - free radical
Dream of every woman is to have a perfect flawless skin, but the sun and ultraviolet light, air pollution, stress and lack of sleep and other factors make the body continue to produce "free radicals", causing the body and skin aging. Modern medical experts found that only "target from both inside and outside" - intake  beautiful skin care products, coupled with the "outside" painted skin care products, in order to completely improve skin texture, distributing natural beauty from the inside out.
What is "free radical"?
"Free Radical" is a destructive substance in our body, which is the main cause of skin problems. Medical professions study found that "free radicals" will destroy the DNA within cells, accelerate human aging , it will destroy the skin collagen, loses its elasticity, causes wrinkles. In addition, "free radical" will slow down the metabolism of skin cells, causing the formation of dry and brown skin, and other issues.
TCM special formulation
"NutriGreen" Anti-Aging Formula from HKIB, subsidiary of Chinese University of Hong Kong, contains Ganoderma, Schisandra, Ligustrum lucidum and other natural herbal ingredients. According to the scientific literature and a collection of experienced users, it can inhibit "free radicals" effectively, and improve skin texture.
Function 1 Increase skin elasticity
"NutriGreen" Anti-Aging Formula is confirmed by research of university, which can effectively inhibit the "free radicals", slow the aging process and increase collagen content.
The first step - reducing loss of collagen
This formula can reduce the loss of collagen in vivo, so that collagen can promote healthy growth and metabolism.
The second step - an increase in manufacturing collagen
Ligustrum helps produce skin collagen.
With plenty of skin collagen, your skin cells become rich, real-resilient, and also keep your skin young and compact.
Function 2 Ruddy complexion
This formula effectively inhibits the production of melanoma and free radicals, maintaining the antioxidant function of cells, repair damaged tissue. The skin becomes ruddy and shiny.
Function 3 Water lock and removes wrinkles
Ligustrum stimulates the proliferation of collagen and water lock function effectively. Thus it can improve the skin and moisturize dry skin, so that the cell is full. This formula can prevent wrinkles, moisturize skin and with anti-aging function.
Functions 4 Improves sleeping quality
Work stress and mental tension will affect the quality of sleep. Schisandra helps improve sleeping quality, thus promoting metabolism and blood circulation to get rid of tired. And Ganoderma can enhance the body's immune system, improve physical condition and overall performance, from the inside to the outside pretty.
"NutriGreen" Beauty Formula is suitable for the following persons
Dull complexion
Dry skin
Look tired
Care about skin
Want anti-aging skin
Direction2 capsules daily. Suggested to be taken with warm water, for better product absorption and efficacy.
Package60 capsules of 300mg per capsule.
1. The natural ingredients in this product have color variations but will not affect the quality of the product.
2. Pregnant women and children under 2 years of age should consult a physician before use.
*Efficiency progress:
3 weeks: Imroved sleep quality
1 month: Nourished and moisturized the skin
3 months: Overall skin quality improved
6 months: Overall skin quality further improved, especially for the skin’s elasticity
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