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NutriGreen “Pure Cordyceps Mycelium” contains 100% fermented Cordyceps mycelium that is cultivated by means of LDF (Liquid Fermentation) technique. Its adenosine content found to be fifteen times higher than that of Wild Cordyceps. Effectiveness of the product is guaranteed. NutriGreen “Pure Cordyceps Mycelium” has undergone HPLC fingerprint analysis by a university in Hong Kong which proved it contains ingredients such as adenosine, polysaccharides, amino acids, ergosterol, which effectively nourishes the kidney and enhances immunity. Scientific studies show this product increases the body strength, thus help the body to fight against tiredness and fatigue.

Functions of NutriGreen“Pure Cordyceps Mycelium”

  • Invigorates both lung and kidney
  • Benefits qi to replenish kidney essence
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Nearly 80% of users reduced the number of cold and flu
"In the past, I can be recovered from cold in one or two days. But if I suffered from a cold nowadays, I may need to see the doctor for two to three times!"
In recent years, the bacteria is becoming more and more powerful. Pathogen evolved and our body is unable to fight against the bad bacteria. Rely solely on our own immune system to defend the invasion of bad bacteria is almost impossible.
"NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium is researched by the university. Pharmacological tests confirmed this formula effectively enhance the resistance to diseases. Nearly 80% of users agreed that the number of times of getting colds or coughs after taking the formula is decreased.
"Chinese medincal vitamins" strengthen the immune system
"NutriGreen" is traditional Chinese medicine theory-oriented, with the spirit of modern scientific research, put forward a new concept of Chinese medical vitamins. Daily doses of Chinese medicine can enhance physical fitness to establish a higher level of resistance and defense of modern bacteria.
"Immunity" refers to the ability of fighting against bacteria, pathogen and toxins. It can be regarded as the source of power to fight all kinds of viruses. The strength of the immune system determines our resistance to disease. People with lower immunity and physical weakness would be easier to catch a cold. But healthy people is no fear of a general cold.
According to traditional Chinese medical literatures, Cordyceps maintain the body's Qi to resist the bacteria. "NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology, subsidiary of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and modern medical proof, found that Cordyceps can effectively enhance the activity of macrophages in the body, thus greatly enhance the resistance to diseases.
Phagocytic activity of macrophages determine the body's immune system. When pathogen invade the body, the macrophage would remove the foreign invader by phagocytosis. The latest pharmacological studies have shown that regular use of "NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium can greatly enhance the phagocytic ability of macrophages by 60%. More macrophages can deal with bad bacteria.
LDF cultivated Cordyceps with 15 times higher adenosine content
To further enhance the antiviral efficacy, "NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium use advanced LDF, liquid fermentation technology, cultivate high quality Cordyceps sinensis with greatly enhanced adenosine. The Hong Kong Department of Health confirmed that the adenosine content of "NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium is higher than that of wild cordyceps by 15 times. The effectiveness is guaranteed. The "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" recognized adenosine is the standard active ingredients of cordyceps. The higher the content, the better the effectiveness is.
University research to verify the efficacy to physical health and prevent fatigue
Chinese University of Hong Kong use HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography assay) confirmed that "NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium contains the active ingredient Adenosine, Cordyceps acid, Cordyceps polysaccharides, amino acids, ergosterol, etc. The university pharmacological tests proved that it is effective to maintain physical fitness and prevent fatigue.
Functions of "NutriGreen" Pure Cordyceps Mycelium
Strengthen resistance to disease
Remedy kidney deficiency
Enhance Qi
Relieve cough and asthma
Improve insomnia and forgetfulness
Improve weakness of waist and knee


2 capsules each time, 3 times a day.

Can be taken anytime. Suggested to be taken with 2 glasses of warm water each time for better product absorption and efficacy.

Package60 capsules of 495mg per capsule.


1. The natural ingredients in this product have color variations but will not affect the quality of the product.
2. Pregnant women and children under 2 years of age should consult a physician before use.
3. Not suitable for symptom of cold and cough.
4. Do not take with hot and spicy food.

*Registered as Chinese medicine in Hong Kong (pCm Reg No.: HKC-16880)
The pharmacological tests confirmed NutriGreen Pure Cordyceps Mycelium effectively enhance resistance to disease, nearly 80 percent of interviewee agreed that number of colds or coughs is reudced.
The latest pharmacological studies have shown that the adenosine content of NutriGreen Pure Cordyceps Mycelium is higher than that of wild cordyceps by 15 times. And regular use of NutriGreen Pure Cordyceps Mycelium can greatly enhance the phagocytic activity of macrophages up to 60%.

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