Organic Duck Rice Org Milled Rice 1.5kg x2

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Using the ducks as the task of weeding, de-worming and fertilizing, the high-quality inter-plant rice organic white rice is planted. 1.5kg can be used. Cook 10 cups of rice and 20 bowls of rice.

"Taiwan No.9" brown rice preserves complete rice nutrition, rich in dietary fiber, vitamin B group, vitamin E, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and various trace minerals, among which protein , fiber, and vitamin B1 content is higher than white rice.

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Rice-winged ducks, rice-duck ducks, duck-wholes, and duck rice have been seen in the organic rice cultivation of the "rice-duck cooperation" natural cultivation method in recent years. The leading person in the garden is the organic production and marketing class of Yuanli.

"Duck between the rice" is to let the special mixed "Huge" shuttle back and forth in the rice fields, causing the rice fields to be dirty and drowning, reducing the light shining on them, and allowing the mud to block the weed pores and destroy the photosynthesis of weeds. In addition, after the seedlings grow up, because the ingredients contain cockroaches, the seedlings become harder than the ducks, and the ducks will shift their targets to eat the weed buds and seeds next to the seedlings, so that the farmers can save a lot of artificial weeding time.

As early as 2002, the Yuanli production and sales class used the natural farming method of the ancestral wisdom "rice-duck cooperation" to use the ducks as the task of weeding, de-worming and fertilizing, and selected "Taiwan No.9" as its rice variety, and cited 100% pure and pollution-free Da'anxi water, in the alluvial fan plain of the garden, the irrigation and planting export is good, high quality, and the self-certified brand "Duck Rice Organic White Rice".

1.5 kg of duck rice can cook about 20 bowls of rice, fresh and delicious, suitable for you who love the taste.

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