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    特細: 體積極細 (140mm X 140mm X 280mm),適用於衣櫃,鞋櫃,預防霉菌滋生

    輕巧: 淨重只有858g,方便移動

    靜音: 操作聲音小於35dB,適用於BB房,書房
    易用: 只需觸摸電源按鈕即可進行簡單的開/關
    安全: 水箱已滿時自動停機,驅動/綠色LED閃爍,紅色LED閃爍,可於洗手間使用,安全可靠
    方便: 具有除濕,防霉效果的半透明水箱(水箱滿容量約450毫升),易於清潔

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    •每日抽濕量:14公升 (30°C, 80%)

    •每日抽濕量:8.2公升 (26.7°C, 60%)

    •集水箱容量:3.8公升 •簡易抽濕




    保養期 : 3 年

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    • 款式: 壓縮式
    • 尺寸(闊x深x高): 372 x 281 x 594 毫米
    • 每日抽濕量:22.5公升/日 (30°C, 80%)
    • 每日抽濕量:13公升/日 (26.7°C, 60%)
    • 能源效率:2.33 千瓦
    • 每年耗電量 (千瓦小時): 107千瓦小時
    • 能源標籤: 1 級
    • 水箱容量 : 4.7公升
    • 定時開關功能
    • 自動濕度控制
    • 產地: 日本
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    Dimensions (w x d x h cm): 50,2 x 33,4 x 22,0
    Weight (Kg): 9
    Rated voltage/Frequency (V~Hz): 220-240V/50-60Hz
    Choose your favourite colour: Blue
    Absorbed humidity (l/24h, 32°C/80%): 10.43
    Adjustable humidistat: yes
    Bio Silver Tech System: Yes
    Continuous draining safety system: Yes
    Dry Function: Yes
    Electronic anti-frost device: Yes
    For rooms up to (m³): 75
    Handle: Yes
    Noise level min-max (dB(A)): 39db(A)
    Tank capacity (l): 2.1 lt
    Visible water level: Yes
    Working temperature (°C): 2-30

    This is authorized goods.

    Warranty Period : 1 Years
    Warranty Provided By : De'Longhi Service Center

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    Clothes drying function: When the humidity setting is turned off, the machine can operate continuously to achieve an effective clothes drying function
    Air filter function: When the dehumidification function is turned off, the machine can only be used with a fan and a filter.
    Large-capacity visible water tank: 4.5 liters
    Wind speed selection: 3 options + automatic mode
    Dual condensation drainage system helps reduce humidity in the air to a tank or continuous drain
    Using R134a environmental protection snow
    24-hour time switch
    Equipped with a water tank control system, it will automatically stop when the water tank is full. Automatic continuous operation when connected to continuous drains
    Electronic anti-frosting device (minimum 2 ° C)
    Detachable air filter
    Water tank handle


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