DHC Zinc 20 Days

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Product Description:
  • A zinc dietary supplement
  • Effectively supplies the 3 essential minerals of zinc, chromium and selenium
  • Use for your everyday health
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Product Description:

-Contents: 20 

-Materials/Ingredients: chromium yeast, selenium yeast, zinc gluconate, gelatin, crystalline cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester, silicon dioxide, coloring (caramel, titanium oxide)

-Made in Japan 

-Manufacturer Name: DHC 
-Handling Precautions: 
・Take with cold or warm water. 
・Should you sense any abnormality in your body, refrain from taking. 
・Check the ingredients and, if you have an allergy, do not take. 
・If you are taking medicine, regularly visiting the hospital or pregnant, consult your doctor before taking. 
・Store out of reach of children. 
・After opening, close opening securely and consume as soon as possible. 
・As this item is made using natural ingredients, there may be some slight differences in color. This is due to the face that no color adjusters are used, and there is no problem with the included ingredients or quality.

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