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    FINE Japan 優之源®酵素胎盤啫喱(蘋果味)

    [無糖及低卡路里] 每包只有4.2卡路里!!!






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    DHC 鈣+CBP 強化乳鈣嚴選高品質保證的Seperex公司所製造的CBP(濃縮乳清活性蛋白)原料,每日4粒能攝取到相當於8公升牛奶所含的CBP,同時更添加鈣質以及能增進鈣質吸收的維生素D3,可維持正常生長發育,守護骨骼及牙齒健康。

  3. HK$798.00



  4. Special Price HK$278.00 Regular Price HK$308.00

    - 幫助身體自然排毒
    - 讓你感覺更輕盈、更有活力
    - 可能有效穩定膽固醇
    - 可吸收並清除體內廢物

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  8. Special Price HK$339.00 Regular Price HK$399.00

    NutriGreen“Nasal Care” Formula is the integrated result of Traditional Chinese Medical Pharmacology and Modern Medical Research, which contains the essence of precious herbs such as Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Radix Panacis, Radix Astragali, etc and are extracted and manufactured under modern bio-technological conditions. Scientific research has proves that this Formula helps maintain the penetration of nasal cell membrane and reduce secretion of “Histamine” which leads to contraction of nasal muscles, hence alleviating discomfort caused by nasal allergies. This Formula also helps enhance the “phagocytic activity” of “macrophages” which strengthens the body’s immunity.

    Functions of NutriGreen“Nasal Care” Formula

    • Alleviates the symptoms of nasal allergy 
    • Enhances lung and trachea functions  
    • Strengthens nasal and respiratory systems
    Out of stock
  9. Special Price HK$254.00 Regular Price HK$299.00

    NutriGreen Premium Maitake OPC Plus is a scientific researched product developed from modern technology.  Maitake (Grifola Frondosa), well known as “the king of mushroom”, is a precious natural species.  Maitake possesses high nutritional value and helps in regulating metabolism.  Pinus Pinaster is a natural plant extract that contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPC).  Its powerful antioxidant capabilities help protect cells from free-radical damage and maintain cell vitality to slow down aging process.

     Functions of NutriGreen Premium Maitake OPC Plus

    • Regulates Metabolism
    • Improves sleeping quality
    • Natural antioxidant capacities to mop up free-radical damage
  10. Special Price HK$372.00 Regular Price HK$438.00

    NutriGreen “Strengthen Hair” Formula is the result of cooperative research by NutriGreen and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. This Formula contains the essence of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, Herba Ecliptae, Fructus Mori, Saw Palmetto (Sereona repens) etc., which is effective to rejuvenate the liver and maintain kidney functions and hence helps to reduce hair loss, reduce gray hair and promote healthy hair.

    Functions of NutriGreen “Strengthen Hair” Formula

    • Helps nourish hair  
    • Restores natural hair color  
    • Helps reduce hair loss
  11. Special Price HK$243.00 Regular Price HK$289.00

    NutriGreen “Eye Care” Formula contains the extracts of natural bilberry, Ningxia wolfberry and mulberry leave. It is enhanced with 15 “Anthocyanosides”, which can strengthen the retina and eye capillary, improve vision, relieve eye fatigue, and remove bags. Each capsule contains 160mg of Bilberry Extract (40mg of Anthocyanosides).  Along with Ningxia Wolfberries, this Formula is an ideal natural health supplement to promote eye health.

    Functions of NutriGreen“Eye Care” Formula :

    • Improves vision 
    • Eliminates eye fatigue and bags 
    • Relieves eye dryness, redness, and irritation
  12. Special Price HK$373.00 Regular Price HK$439.00

    Dermatologists found that “Free Radicals” inside the human body are the main cause of skin problems. “Free Radicals” destruct the skin’s collagen, resulting in loss of skin elasticity and increase in melanin, causing skin dehydration, dull complexion, spots, wrinkle, etc. To improve skin quality, dermatologists found a new skincare concept – “Skincare In & Out”. “In-take” health supplement coincide with using effective skincare product “externally” contribute to perfect skin. NutriGreen “Anti-Aging” Formula, which is researched by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, helps suppress “Free Radicals” with only 2 capsules daily.

     Functions of NutriGreen “Anti-Aging” Formula:

    • Improves skin's elasticity  
    • Restore complexion's brightness and radiance  
    •  Enhances skin moisture and improve smoothness 
    • Improves sleep quality and regains eyes' resilience

    Efficiency progress:
    3 weeks: Improved sleep quality 
    1 month: Nourished and moisturized the skin 
    3 months: Overall skin quality improved 
    6 months: Overall skin quality further improved, especially for the skin’s elasticity

  13. Special Price HK$424.00 Regular Price HK$499.00

    NutriGreen“Pure YunZhi”contains concentrated extracts from Yunzhi with modern technologies. An experiment showed that the degree of the purity of Yunzhi extract in this product is 10 times more than that of Yunzhi. Scientific studies proved that both Yunzhi polysaccharides and Yunzhi polysaccharide-peptides in Yunzhi can enhance the phagocytic activity of abdominal macrophages, which strengthen immunity. In addition, Yunzhi can alleviate discomfort from long-term treatment and improve quality of life and well-being for those under treatment by improving body functions through the enhancement of immunity.

     Functions of NutriGreen“Pure YunZhi” :

    • Enhances the activity of macrophages and boosts the immune system

  14. Special Price HK$373.00 Regular Price HK$439.00

    NutriGreen“Liver Care” Formula contains Chinese herbs including Radix Ginseng, Radix Puerariae, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Fructus Lycil etc and the essences of these herbs are extracted under modern bio-technological conditions. Pharmacological studies show this Formula helps protect the liver, facilitate liver and blood detoxification, and relieve problems caused by accumulated toxins in the human body, such as dull skin complexion, yellowish eyes, dark circle, etc. It has been patented (No: ZL 94 1 03394 5) for its effectiveness in alcohol detoxification and liver protection.

    Functions of NutriGreen“Liver Care” Formula:

    • Enhances liver detoxification
    • Facilitates alcohol detoxification
    • Helps to revitalize
    • Enhances blood detoxification and improves problems caused by eczema and skin allergy
  15. Special Price HK$254.00 Regular Price HK$299.00

    NutriGreen “Pure Cordyceps Mycelium” contains 100% fermented Cordyceps mycelium that is cultivated by means of LDF (Liquid Fermentation) technique. Its adenosine content found to be fifteen times higher than that of Wild Cordyceps. Effectiveness of the product is guaranteed. NutriGreen “Pure Cordyceps Mycelium” has undergone HPLC fingerprint analysis by a university in Hong Kong which proved it contains ingredients such as adenosine, polysaccharides, amino acids, ergosterol, which effectively nourishes the kidney and enhances immunity. Scientific studies show this product increases the body strength, thus help the body to fight against tiredness and fatigue.

    Functions of NutriGreen“Pure Cordyceps Mycelium”

    • Invigorates both lung and kidney
    • Benefits qi to replenish kidney essence
  16. Special Price HK$339.00 Regular Price HK$399.00

    NutriGreen Prostate Care Formula contains the extracts of natural herbs including Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto, Alisma, Salvia and Cyathula. This formula helps maintain prostate health and facilitate blood circulation, etc. Recent researches show that Pygeum Africanum and Saw Palmetto extracts can help maintain men’s body function and rejuvenate vigor.

    Functions of NutriGreen“Prostate Care” Formula

    • Helps improve men's health problem and meliorate body function
    • Improves sleeping quality caused by bedtime disturbance
    • Enhances blood circulation
  17. Special Price HK$279.00 Regular Price HK$360.00
    • 健康美容食品
    • 深海魚類膠原蛋白
    • 每罐 196 克,28 天分量
  18. Special Price HK$45.00 Regular Price HK$56.00

    優之源®大豆蛋白纖體果昔(營養蛋白粉) 超級食品大豆蛋白纖體果昔(營養蛋白粉),配合優質材料的大豆蛋白粉,左旋肉鹼,黑胡椒萃取物,11種維生素以及5種超級食品素材(瑪咖、可可、奇異籽、巴西莓、瑪萁莓),混合而成製造出雜莓風味。 日本工廠地址 : 大阪播磨先端製造技術工廠 Harima Advanced Manufacturing

    Out of stock
  19. Special Price HK$60.00 Regular Price HK$75.00

    優之源®酵素胎盤啫喱(蘋果味), 110克(10克 x 11包)


    日本工廠地址 : 大阪播磨先端製造技術工廠 Harima Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre (Osaka)

  20. Special Price HK$120.00 Regular Price HK$150.00


    FINE獨有的「甘氨酸 + 氨基丁酸(GABA) + 酵母萃取物」配方,助妳輕鬆入睡和在睡眠中活化肌膚,有效減少焦慮,鎮靜效果,抗壓及放鬆肌肉,含有豐富大量纖維素,維他命,抗氧化及氨基酸等營養成份。


    日本工廠地址 : 大阪播磨先端製造技術工廠 Harima Advanced Manufacturing

  21. Special Price HK$128.00 Regular Price HK$199.00

    繁忙都市人排毒,護膚,去脂,或有助於穩定膽固醇,提高免疫系統,除體臭的良好健康食品。本產品經破壁技術處理, 能使綠藻內的養份釋出, 使人體容易吸收。

  22. Special Price HK$138.00 Regular Price HK$195.00

    - 每10粒含1億個活性Kefir菌數,可自製Kefir乳酪。
    - 增強抵抗力,老幼咸宜。
    - 有助降低過敏原。
    - 改善消化機能,促進鈣質吸收。

  23. Special Price HK$156.00 Regular Price HK$268.00

    ◆FINE JAPAN Night Collagen 75.6g(2.7g x 28sticks)

    Contains Low-molecular Fish Collagen, Supports your sleep and beauty with Glycine and Yeast Extract, Promotes cellular activity with Resveratrol, Available conveniently in pre-measured stick-type packet, OK to take even before sleeping at night, Delicious pineapple flavor

  24. Special Price HK$88.00 Regular Price HK$158.00

    FINE JAPAN Coix Seed Beauty Tablets with Vitamin C 60g(300mg x 200's)

    Pearl barley extract grains into tablets of heart-shaped. The young woman was aimed at products be of interest to the pearl barley.

    And extract powder obtained by extracting the components of the poorly absorbed Coix have hard shell.

  25. Special Price HK$78.00 Regular Price HK$138.00

    ◆FINE JAPAN UV Care Plus 13.5g(450mgx30's)

    This is the supplement which combines functional ingredient, pineapples fruits extract.

  26. Special Price HK$82.00 Regular Price HK$98.00

    * 淨化血液,改善糖尿,血糖,風濕關節。
    * 有助腸胃,消除便秘。
    * 安定神經,有助睡眠,消除疲勞及壓力。
    * 改善血壓,脂質代謝,降膽固醇。
    * 增強免疫力,預防感冒, 促進新陳代謝。
    * 抗氧化,延緩衰老,美容又消脂。

  27. Special Price HK$58.00 Regular Price HK$75.00

    DHC 純欖護唇膏~評價超好超滋潤~日本必買商品

    Out of stock
  28. Special Price HK$288.00 Regular Price HK$328.00
    • 減少脂肪
    • 降低體重
    Out of stock
  29. Special Price HK$72.00 Regular Price HK$102.00
    • 補充產生健康牙齒與骨骼最重要的鈣與鎂。
    • 鈣為構成骨骼與牙齒的必須營養素。
    Out of stock
  30. Special Price HK$199.00 Regular Price HK$239.00
    • 控制糖分吸收
    • 瘦身
    Out of stock
  31. Special Price HK$95.00 Regular Price HK$135.00
    • 幫助肌膚充滿透明感、彈性、光澤
    • 讓您更加有自信
  32. Special Price HK$156.00 Regular Price HK$278.00


  33. Special Price HK$132.00 Regular Price HK$172.00
    • 含DHC左旋肉鹼、α-脫氧酸等燃燒系減肥成分
    • 有效減肥成分的復合減肥膠產品
    • 不僅僅能局部減肥、而是能全身全方位減肥

    Out of stock
  34. Special Price HK$98.00 Regular Price HK$278.00
    • 可賦予肌膚、軟骨及關節等組織的彈性與滋潤
    • 協助身體順暢活動
    • 保肌膚嬌嫩潤澤
    • 適合經常運動、長時間站立、關節部位容易僵硬

  35. Special Price HK$198.00 Regular Price HK$278.00

    -改善體能、 健康


  36. Special Price HK$220.00 Regular Price HK$260.00
    • 裡面含有一種名為葛根素的異黃酮
    • 葛根素不但可維持胸部的彈性
    • 而且可減少更年期帶來的問題
    Out of stock
  37. Special Price HK$54.00 Regular Price HK$94.00
    • 添加取自天然青魚的EPA
    • 也可攝取到DHA
    • 幫助您擁有健康活力的每一天
    Out of stock
  38. Special Price HK$92.00 Regular Price HK$132.00
    • 調整人體的新陳代謝機能
    • 紓緩壓力
    • 消除疲勞
    • 令肌膚回復光彩
    Out of stock
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