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  1. HK$388.00


    6000RPM 電機速度,提供快速而平滑的切割效果
    USB C充電,可使用達50次

  2. Special Price HK$1,248.00 Regular Price HK$1,298.00

    Braun Series 6 緊貼皮膚技術,前後擺動20度輕鬆地調整角度。傳承德國精工匠心精神,打造高品質剃鬚刀。

  3. Special Price HK$848.00 Regular Price HK$898.00

    Braun Series 5 集免拆沖洗科技及德國往複式刀頭技術於一身,展現Braun對實用及品質的追求。

  4. Special Price HK$2,448.00 Regular Price HK$2,498.00

    Braun 360° Flex - Series 7智慧電鬚刨配備360FLEX 貼面技術,緊貼面部輪廓,征服難剃部位。EasyClick設計能更換不同配件,滿足不同需要,達至有效剃淨厚重鬍鬚。只需一鍵便可帶來充足動力,輕柔剃淨。

  5. Special Price HK$299.00 Regular Price HK$399.00

    NutriGreen“Nasal Care” Formula is the integrated result of Traditional Chinese Medical Pharmacology and Modern Medical Research, which contains the essence of precious herbs such as Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Radix Panacis, Radix Astragali, etc and are extracted and manufactured under modern bio-technological conditions. Scientific research has proves that this Formula helps maintain the penetration of nasal cell membrane and reduce secretion of “Histamine” which leads to contraction of nasal muscles, hence alleviating discomfort caused by nasal allergies. This Formula also helps enhance the “phagocytic activity” of “macrophages” which strengthens the body’s immunity.

    Functions of NutriGreen“Nasal Care” Formula

    • Alleviates the symptoms of nasal allergy 
    • Enhances lung and trachea functions  
    • Strengthens nasal and respiratory systems
  6. Special Price HK$258.00 Regular Price HK$998.00

    High uric acid level is one of the 4-high problems.  It happens when metabolism is disrupted and taking too much high purine foods, causing excess uric acid building up in the body and forming urate crystals around the body’s joints.  The joints will become swollen, red and extremely painful. NutriGreen UrateCare Formula contains the extracts of natural herbs Mori Ramulus, Alismatis Rhizoma, Smilacis Glabrae Rhizoma, Cyathulae Radix, Forsythiae Fructus, Phellodendri Chinensis Cortex, Celery Seed, etc.  This ingredients help promote uric acid discharge, suppress formation of uric acid and stabilize the uric acid level. They help relieve the sudden swelling, redness, pain and numbness caused by high uric acid level.  Q10 in the formula is the antioxidant property to help enhance metabolism.  This formula provides an all-rounded support to people who concern about uric acid level.

    Functions of NutriGreen UrateCare Formula:

    • Helps eliminate uric acid and stabilize uric acid level
    • Suppresses uric acid formation
    • Removes dampness and improve the mobility of joints
    • Provides antioxidant support and helps enhance metabolism
  7. Special Price HK$278.00 Regular Price HK$998.00

    NutriGreen Premium Maitake OPC Plus is a scientific researched product developed from modern technology.  Maitake (Grifola Frondosa), well known as “the king of mushroom”, is a precious natural species.  Maitake possesses high nutritional value and helps in regulating metabolism.  Pinus Pinaster is a natural plant extract that contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPC).  Its powerful antioxidant capabilities help protect cells from free-radical damage and maintain cell vitality to slow down aging process.

     Functions of NutriGreen Premium Maitake OPC Plus

    • Regulates Metabolism
    • Improves sleeping quality
    • Natural antioxidant capacities to mop up free-radical damage
  8. Special Price HK$175.00 Regular Price HK$178.00

    Braun MobileShave。在外剃鬚不用愁。不再擔心短鬚。

  9. Special Price HK$538.00 Regular Price HK$598.00

    Braun Series 3 可充電網膜電鬚刨有效剃除鬍鬚,皮膚盡享舒適。3大壓力傳感剃鬚元件能夠精準貼合每一個面部輪廓,打造直觀直線輪廓剃鬚體驗。Braun Series 3 由德國設計製造,其鋒利刀片可持久刮剃。

  10. Special Price HK$1,298.00 Regular Price HK$1,898.00

    Series 5 5145s Electric Foil Shaver

  11. Special Price HK$1,138.00 Regular Price HK$1,198.00

    The Braun Series 3 ProSkin rechargeable electric foil shaver/razor provides faster shaving with great skin comfort*. The 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements adapt to every facial contour and the specialised Micro Grip capture more hairs in the first stroke*
    *vs. previous Braun Series 3. Tested on 3 day beard.

  12. Special Price HK$379.00 Regular Price HK$399.00

    -全身防水,獲IPX7 認證
    -SmartFoil 浮動網膜系統
    -LED 充電指示燈
    -FreeFloat 系統

    星期一至五上午11:00至下午3:00 及下午4:00至8:00;

  13. Special Price HK$1,299.00 Regular Price HK$1,498.00
    • 防水科技,乾濕兩用雙模
    • 100%防水,能在淋浴時使用
    • 貼面感應刀頭33 °,提供最佳貼合度
    • 全新OptiBlade刀網,輕鬆刮鬍有效率
    • 三刀頭刮鬍系統,同時刮淨不同長度鬍鬚
    • 鬢角刀,向上一推,精準造型
    • 全機身防水設計
    • 能用自來水簡單快速清洗
    • 鋰電池1小時充滿電,支援45分鐘無線刮鬍
    • 1+1LED顯示,顯示電池狀態(2段)
    • 快充5分鐘,可支援一次無線刮鬍
    • Smart Plug全球電壓(100-240V)
  14. Special Price HK$168.00 Regular Price HK$268.00
    用於 Braun 獲得專利的 Clean&Charge 系統底部,可供清潔、充電和潤滑您的 Braun 電鬚刨。

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